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Who We Are

In the year of 1979s Gandhi Traders was started by Amarishbhai Gandhi. It has been trading ceramic tiles, Granite Tiles, Marble, Bathroom fittings and many more items in all over Indian markets and to the end user in major consumption market. Capitalizing on India’s vast geographical spread and range of reasons we successfully have been able to provide superior quality range of products to our buyers all over the india.

After the Successful of Gandhi Traders Ketulbhai Gandhi will thinking that now it’s time to switch over the Gandhi Traders will design a modern show room because of the New Generation.

Finally Ketulbhai Gandhi thinking will be in presence and it was opened modern show room with all facility at 29 May, 2010.

I was one of those lucky kids who had a very close brush with the family business very early in life. Where most children would be shooed away if they walked into their father’s business meeting, we were actively entirely encouraged to come to the Office and stay back for as long as we wanted.

I was 21 year old when I was joining my family business. My dad (Amarishbhai Gandhi) would let me wander about telling me to absorb be allowed access to the family business if they are to carry if forward, because early grounding instills passion. I would go to the office even after school to sit in on marketing meetings, How to talk with the customer, How to deal with the dealer’s and many more.

This initial introduction also helped me understand a basic tenet of taking over an established business- never rush to turn things around. Usually, a person taking over a new role in an organization wants to introduce changes and implement them quickly. This happens because he is not conversant with the company’s way of doing things. Whichever company you work with, you must understand the work culture, the company’s ethos, why its brands work (or not).

When I started out, I never tried to shake things up. The question I constantly asked myself was: How can we take things to the next level?

We pride ourselves on having one of the most Satisfactory Service to our client since last 36 years and still it’s going on.

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